Coffee Bluff Pictures is an Atlanta-based creative company founded by advertising agency executive Deborah Riley Draper to develop and share film, TV, and content as art that inspires engagement and outreach with the audiences and the greater community. The company's work explores interesting, under-represented characters and the rich, complicated journeys they embark upon in the U.S. and worldwide and is committed to expanding the aperture of the African American narrative on the screen to increase universal awareness and understanding.


Coffee Bluff Road runs through White Bluff, a "quiet former slave community" just outside Savannah, GA. Deborah Riley Draper's family has been landowners along this road for over 150 years. The historical significance of this passageway and the stories hidden among the moss-draped oaks inspire and guide the company. Coffee Bluff Pictures seeks to tell the full range of African-American stories – past, present, and future.


"The future of marginalized voices and communities is inextricably linked to the sharing of their stories and the transfer of knowledge" - Deborah Riley Draper

Our team

deborah riley draper
Michael Draper
Executive Producer
Lacy barnes